Why is WiQQi concerned with 360 ° photography?

Why is WiQQi concerned with 360 ° photography?

360 ° documentation enables quick documentation in the consultation.

WiQQi deals with 360 ° technologies, also under the term "tele care". In the individual case consultation, we had taken 2D and 360 ° photos of a consultation object for research purposes and in consultation with the persons concerned. When the research raised the question of whether a floor-ceiling pole can be used, a glance at the 360 ° photo was sufficient to determine that the ceiling was neither suspended nor paneled. So we had a benefit from the implicitly documented information.

In our 360° tours we combine the knowledge from the WiQQi database with real rooms. This is how we make knowledge about spatial access tangible.

In addition to the ethical and technical questions and limits already known from 2D documentation, there are further ones that derive from the more extensive documentation of implicit knowledge.

Exaples for 360° Usecases:

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