360° and VR technologies

tl;dr: The documentation of the flash bell, shows the advantage of the 360 ° documentation: the viewing angle can be chosen according to reality.

The 360° documentation of the flash bell illustrates differences between various illuminants. Some solutions are only effective if you look directly at the flash of light. Ohters are visible in every direction.

With the simulation of delayed communication, we deliver an experience-based method of experiencing delays in the conduct of the conversation - as occurs, for example, with cognitive changes. We want to raise awareness to give the nursing counterpart time. This not only helps people with cognitive changes - but also for all those for whom our content is still new and strange.

The virtual tour through the ALADIEN apartment was developed to give guests of the Care-Plus fair (2018) an impression of the ALADIEN apartment. This tour also serves as a prototype for spatial knowledge transfer. The 360 ° heat map analysis function on YouTube (deactivated since 01/2020) gives us insights into things that attract a lot of (optical) attention and we can adapt our program accordingly.

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