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Marzipano: Update image data

Marzipano: Update image data

Image data can be updated by extracting it from a new Marzipano tour.

We had to update image data with the purchase of the vertical bed in the ALADIEN model apartment. The process describes the procedure when images with a different location and/or a different north-south orientation were created.

  1. Backup: Back up the "app-files/tiles" folder in the existing Marzipano tour, e.g. copy to "app-files/tiles_2020-01-01"
  2. create, stitch, censor possibly and prepare 360° images
    1. Scenario 1: The pictures are given the same name as in the original tour, e.g. "Bad.jpg" or are adapted in the Marzipano tour.
    2. Scenario 2: The images are given a new name, e.g. "Bad_2020-05-12"
  3. Create and download the marzipano tour.
  4. Merge: copy the contents of the current "tiles" folder into the existing "tiles" folder.
    1. Scenario 1: Existing subfolders and files are replaced and overwritten. The photos are immediately updated in the tour.
    2. Scenario 2: New subfolders and files are added. The subfolders must be entered in the tour:
      1. in data.js after "id": "
      2. in index.html after <a href="#" class="scene" data-id="
  5. Aktualisieren der Informations-Punkte über die Marzipano-Tabelle (.xlsx).

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