Marzipano: logo

Marzipano: logo

A logo can be embedded statically via style.css and index.html.

1) Copy the Logo (e.g. „Logo.png“) into the „/img“ folder.

2) Add to style.css at the end of the File

 /* Logo added by WiQQi */ 

.Logo { position: absolute; bottom: 30px; right: 30px; width: 60px; height: 60px; }

  • /* ... */: Marks comments in the code
  • bottom/top: distance from top or bottom
  • right/left: distance from left or right
  • width/heigt: size of the logo

3) Add to index.html at the end of the file before </body>

 < !--Logo von WiQQi eingefügt--- > < a href="" target="_blank" >< img class="Logo" src="img/Logo.png" >< /a >

  • The spaces after or before "<" ">" must be removed from the original file.

Result: The logo (bottom right) is always in the same place on the screen and leads to as a link

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