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How does WiQQi rate solutions?

How does WiQQi rate solutions?

WiQQi evaluates lighting solutions as such, but rather their suitability for use in individual cases.

There is no "good" or "bad" solution per se. - The decisive factor is whether a solution fits the problem-target-resource constellation. In the WiQQi approach, an assessment uses criteria to refer to a specific context. This means that assessments in WiQQi mediate between generally applicable rule knowledge (criteria) and situational case understanding (context-related assessment). (Continuing: "Doppelte Handlungslogik in der Pflege"). This means that ratings in WiQQi are always criteria-oriented and justified.

As part of ethical and professional reflection, WiQQi always asks why exactly one solution is spontaneously rated as "good" or "bad". From this, criteria can be derived that can be transferred to other cases as general rule knowledge.

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