Why are criteria so important in WiQQi?

Why are criteria so important in WiQQi?

Criteria bundle experience and mediate between need and solution.

Criteria are one way of deciding between different solution options. In WiQQi we use the following options to collect criteria:

  • One way to collect criteria is to compare similar solutions.
  • Another possibility is to compare different solutions.
  • There is also the possibility of using a solution in different contexts.

Criteria are both a result and an instrument for professional and ethical reflection. They mediate between the specific needs in individual cases and the multitude of possible solutions. They bundle the experience we have had as "ready-to-eat knowledge":

  • Criteria help to justify spontaneous evaluations: Why exactly was a solution "good" or "bad"? Because it was "too easy" or "too heavy".
  • Criteria help to describe the need more precisely in individual cases, because they describe requirements that a solution must meet. [e.g. Weight> 5kg]
  • Criteria help to evaluate solutions because they can be measured [e.g. 10kg]
  • Criteria combine a specific individual case with possible solutions: "Include all solutions that weigh > 5kg".
  • Criteria justify the decision: "We only used solutions that weigh > 5kg because all other solutions are too light."

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