What ist the lab in WiQQi?

What ist the lab in WiQQi?
Solutions are researched in the laboratory, requested for (free, permanent) sampling, tried out and prepared for the media. It aims to reduce implementation barriers and develop criteria.

Similar and different solutions are compared in the laboratory. This creates a basis of knowledge and experience. On this basis, criteria are formulated and concepts and methods are developed.
The laboratory is a protected test environment. Here the use of solutions is simulated and reality is thought ahead. In this way, we can relieve practice together. The tasks of the laboratory are:

  • Familiarization: We work into solutions centrally and adapt the solutions to the specific individual case that needs to be solved. So we are gaining initial experience.
  • Diversity of perspectives: The person who has worked in can present the solution (or solutions) to other people. These people benefit from the first experience - and can also contribute their perspective and experience.
  • Range and limits: The aim of the laboratory is to work out the range and limits of a solution.
  • Documentation: We particularly like to document via video - this makes knowledge easy to share.
  • Criteria: Particularly important findings are brought to the point in the form of criteria and discussed together.

The laboratory is currently based in the WiQQi studio. In the future there are further laboratory locations that are characterized by the fact that cases are systematically processed and organized there.

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