What ist the Citizens Laboratory in WiQQi?

What ist the Citizens Laboratory in WiQQi?
After the laboratory phase, the sample solutions are packed in a box and sent to cooperating locations. Errors and gaps from the laboratory are recognized and findings confirmed and deepened. The citizens' laboratory aims to systematically and quickly obtain the assessment of 100 people.

The Citizens Laboratory is the critical authority for the laboratory. It stands for diversity of perspectives and large numbers of cases in the area. In the Citizens Laboratory, criteria and concepts are checked for comprehensibility and gaps. Missing solutions are supplemented cooperatively and collaboratively.
Practical evidence is created in the Citizens Laboratory because solutions are tested, applied and reflected on using a uniform method. Criteria can be supplemented and condensed from the impulsive assessment in the context of different life situations and biographies. Practice shows whether the experience from the laboratory really applies. It shows whether the range and the limits of a solution were correctly assessed. It shows where the reflection and the criteria-based justification for a needs-based solution were appropriate - and where it was wrong or left gaps.

  • Practical test: The Citizens Laboratory tests solutions in the concrete individual case of the initial situation.
  • Scaling: The Citizens Laboratory also tests solutions in other, similar cases.
  • Evaluation: The decision-making criteria can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a solution - if not, the criterion can be evaluated, improved, supplemented or condensed.
  • Practical Evidence: The Citizens Laboratory is thus gaining practical experience - and helps us to create facts of assessment in addition to criteria as a reflection tool.

Citizens' laboratories form a dense network around and between the laboratory locations. Citizens' laboratories are characterized by the fact that they can plan solutions in a compact time and test solutions with a group of people.

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