What ist the real laboratory in WiQQi?

What ist the real laboratory in WiQQi?
A solution is used permanently in the real laboratory and its long-term effects can be examined. By considering similar cases, the real laboratory depicts the diverse complexity of the individual case. It aims to generate extensive and long-term evidence.

In the interplay, the laboratory and the Citizens Laboratory complement each other. In the vision of WiQQi, they are brought together in real laboratories. The aim is to evaluate solutions in real situations in a methodically controlled and comprehensible manner. This enables impact measurement with large numbers.

In the laboratory and Citizens Laboratory, we can not only develop new knowledge together. By using the knowledge e.g. sharing via social media, we also have the opportunity to learn from other people who already have in-depth experience with a problem or with a solution. In the vision, we work in WiQQi so networked that we have direct and fast extensive experience that is methodically controlled and comprehensible, e.g .:

  • Frequency: How often does a problem occur?
  • Specification: What are the characteristics of a problem?
  • Solutions: Which solutions solve the problem?
  • Effects: What are the desired or undesirable effects of these solutions?

Reaching real laboratories systematically is currently still a visionary part of WiQQi.Real laboratories could be reached via the home care actors, counseling facilities or on their own via social media. Like all aspects of WiQQi, the desired and undesirable effects of this approach must be reflected on ethically and professionally (including legal dimensions).

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