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Focus on interests, not positions

Focus on interests, not positions

tl;dr: Rating positions leads to the dead end of the past. In WiQQi we focus on the common interest and the future.

The orientation towards common objectives and interests supports us in leaving our own point of view. Even the discussion about the common objectives and interests can help to develop a new, third point of view: If you want to achieve an objective, you have to change your point of view - or wait until the goal has reached your own point of view.

The discussion about our point of view looks into the past, because the sum of our experiences and decisions has brought us to the present point of view. In WiQQi we use the constructive potential, which lies in different points of view and positions, because they enable us to view both problem and objective from different perspectives. A common interest is a prerequisite for this common consideration. That is why we focus our advice on the common interest.

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