Develop alternative options

Develop alternative options
  • tl;dr: Contrast-rich solutions lead to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Similar solutions lead to decision-making criteria.

We have found that options for action can be as confusing as they are helpful: They require us to be clear about what is required. We strive to diversify the variety and variety of options as widely as possible. We use two effects:

  • Contrasting approaches: Very different approaches help to reflect on a higher level. They lead to inclusion or exclusion criteria for further solutions. This also helps to identify misunderstandings at an early stage.
  • Similar solutions: Similar solutions help to answer detailed questions. They lead to decision-making criteria. The differences between similar solutions help to develop a common understanding of the needs.

The fanning out of solution options and their evaluation helps to understand the needs more precisely. In WiQQi we focus on diversity of perspectives, cooperation and collaboration when fanning out the solution options. In the Citizen Science approach, we reduce the research effort.

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