MicroTraining: Change letterbox sign

tl;dr: The letter box sign can be removed with a paper clip. Micro training brings knowledge into the situation.

The mailbox video was created because two options for changing the mailbox label were characterized by their undesirable effects: The brute use of the screwdriver led to damage. A gentler strategy took 20 minutes. Only because of this double failure did we take the time to research and rethink the process from choosing a suitable font to creating a template as a micro training course. 100 friendly nursing homes were addressed. In the first year of the video, the video reached 968 people every month. In the second year, we reached 2,164 people every month.

The analysis of the search terms suggests needs. In addition to searching for options for changing letterbox and door blade lettering, similar and other topics are also addressed. This anonymous data helps us to get a qualitative impression of the needs.

  • Manufacturer: Renz, Siedle, Knobloch, Lira, Ritto, Gira, Elcom
  • Problems: Our names are still on the door sign
  • Topics: Intercom, bell, mailbox lock, bell switch
  • Activities: exchange, change, repair, open, do it yourself, assemble, connect


Excel-Print template: Signage RENZ RSA2 Beschilderung RENZ RSA2 Beschilderung RENZ RSA2
  1. Use the interchangable tool (or paper clip) to remove the name tag cover.
  2. Replace name tag insert.
  3. Insert spacer again:
    1. Bell: Insert the light guide with the bevel towards the lamp.
    2. Mailbox: Insert the spacer with the smooth side towards the name tag insert.
  4. Snap the name tag insert back into the carrier frame.

Manufacturer: RENZ
Spare parts catalog

Mailbox name tag outside (no guarantee): Kunststoff-RSA2 Namensschild
Product number: 97-9-85356
Insert max: 65 x 13,6 x 1mm

Mailbox name tag inside(no guarantee): Namensschild 09
Product number: 97-9-82259
Insert max: 65 x 13,6 x 1mm

Door bell name tag (no guarantee): Kunststoff-RSA2 Namensschild für RSA2-Klingel mit LED-Beleuchtung
Product number: 97-9-85345
Insert max: 65 x 13,6 x 1mm

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