What are criteria in WiQQi?

What are criteria in WiQQi?
Criteria are descriptive characteristics. They can be used to describe a need or a solution. If the solution has the same characteristics as the demand, we speak of a needs-based solution.

Criteria are measurable or testable descriptive characteristics. They are used in WiQQi to make the knowledge and experience of many "ready to eat", i.e. to be applied ad hoc in a situation.

In WiQQi, criteria have the following tasks:

  • Description: Criteria help to describe problems, objectives, solutions and resources on a case-by-case basis.
  • Bundling: Criteria bundle the knowledge and experience of many.
  • Networking: Criteria network needs (i.e. problems, objeckt and resources) with solutions.
  • Reflection: Criteria support reflection in problem analysis, in the selection of a solution and in the evaluation of objective achievement.
  • Justification: Criteria support the justification of decisions by disclosing the decision-making aspects of a situation.
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