Nursing and Care is complex - don´t loose track?

Nursing and Care is complex - don´t loose track?
Yes. If the criteria reflect the complexity of the care, we will lose the overview. The clustering of characteristics is one way of restoring the overview. Dynamic associations are a complementary measure.

If we derive criteria from the individual case, we will lose the overview. How exactly we restore the overview is one of the research questions associated with the development of WiQQi. We have found that criteria repeat themselves. This is the basis for the approach of clustering criteria.

We have to weigh up:

  • Precision: How exactly do criteria have to be described in order to achieve useful results?
  • Manageability: How broad can criteria be so that we don't lose track?

In the problem analysis, the criteria are automatically and dynamically made available by the WiQQi database. This results in a supportive assessment path:

  • Extended access: WiQQi can display criteria that are linked to the entered problem and/or goal.
  • Reduced access: WiQQi can represent the criteria that are linked to both the problem entered and the target.
  • Solution-related access: Additional or further restrictive criteria can be used that are critical to the success of the use of certain solutions.

This enables the information required for finding a solution to be collected and specified in a targeted manner. Second visits and disappointments can be reduced.

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