How is the data that is collected based on criteria presented?

How is the data that is collected based on criteria presented?
Criteria are visualized using percentiles and pie charts.

The various data levels that result from test questions and measurements must be taken into account in the presentation. WiQQi uses the descriptive representation with percentiles to give a quick overview of the data. Dichotomous approaches ("Like" or "Dislike") do not do justice to the complexity of care, which is why the triad Yes-Conditional-No is used. Each option can also be commented on. Average values (asterisk rating) would provide supposed clarity. That is why we use percentiles in WiQQi to represent the distribution.

  • Extreme values: The range of the data is shown with the minimum and maximum.
  • Focus: By displaying the 80% of the values that lie between the 10% and 90% percentile, distorting effects of the extreme values can be compensated.
  • Median: The median creates clarity about the existing, symmetrical, left or right skewed distributions.
  • Sample size: The number of data included in the survey is also shown in order to make the scope of the data more transparent.

The question remains open as to how far or at what point in time different test questions can be combined on a scale and thus represent a measuring instrument.

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