Can WiQQi work?

Can WiQQi work?
Yes. WiQQi's approach of sharing knowledge has proven itself in local networks.

WiQQi works in local networks and beyond:

  1. Starting Point - individual case: Knowledge can be transferred from individual case (multiple sclerosis) to individual case (corticobasal degeneration) [nursing call]
  2. Thinking outside the box: technology from the lifestyle area can be transferred to the nursing and rehabilitation area [motor lock]
  3. Knowledge through social media: Working with social media helps others - and gives us information back via search query evaluations [doorbell]
  4. All-party approach: WiQQi's work is also recited by manufacturers [WiQQi exoskeleton videos at Rehacare 2019, Düsseldorf]
  5. Knowledge increases: Sharing knowledge leads to getting knowledge back [FutureShape SensFloor]
  6. Detecting misuse: Communication via video in development helps to identify user errors [Fabotec stove guard]
  7. Citizen-Science: WiQQi provides approaches to bundle existing knowledge and experience and make it available [night light study]
  8. Implicit knowledge: 360° approaches can be used to impart knowledge - but also to record implicit ones using heat maps [360 ° tour]
  9. Explicit knowledge: 360° approaches can be used to make technology transparent [visual signaling]
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