What is the network study?

What is the network study?
The network study clarifies (1) the question of how quickly knowledge spreads and invites (2) interested parties to help develop WiQQi.

The network study is a failed attempt to develop WiQQi detached from local networks.

The aim of the network study is to question how quickly knowledge can spread. The respondent driven sampling (RDS, snowball sampling) approach aims to find as many different people as possible who want to participate in the development of WiQQi through interviews or questionaires.

  • 06/03/2019: Invitation to the network study at the DBfK Schülerkongress
  • 03/06/2019: Post on the personal Facebook page
  • 03/06/2019: Post on Instagram
  • 03/07/2019: Post on the public Facebook page
  • 03/09/2019: Renewal of the post on Instagram with an optimized link
  • 03/11/2019: Feedback that the project's objectives remain unclear
  • 03/11/2019: Expansion of hashtags on Instagram
  • 03/11/2019: Attach additional explanatory videos
  • 03/11/2019: Search for critical friends in Facebook groups
  • 03/21/2019: Last valid entry in the network study (status: 06.03.2020)

Interim balance after 1 year:

  • The network study must be viewed as a failure. Possible causes:
    • Participation in the network study is too complex and should be made easier.
    • The idea of WiQQi is still too abstract and not yet sufficiently specific.
    • The network study continues and can be taken up again at any time.

Derived measures:

  • With channels on Instagram and Facebook, established channels are used in addition to YouTube.
  • The development and concretization work initially continues in local networks.
  • Instead of rapid network growth, the slow, organic growth is addressed.
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