Participate 2020

Participate 2020
We attach great importance to making participation fun and not overwhelming anyone.

We are looking for committed people who are interested in helping to shape WiQQi. It is important to us that we have fun together and that nobody is overwhelmed. That is why we always start our cooperation on a small scale and go on in small and humble steps if it is coherent for everyone.

  • Constructive criticism: We welcome constructive questions, criticism and suggestions.
  • Co-development: The collaboration begins with an interview. We are happy to do this by written, telephone or video conference.
  • Individual cases: You can also help us by submitting a case that we will solve together.
  • Contribute experience: You can support with their experience by contributing solutions for WiQQi.
  • Creativity: And of course creativity also helps us. If you discover a common interest in the Citizen Science approach, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Feel free to contact us!

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