What is WiQQi's contribution to “digitization”?

What is WiQQi's contribution to “digitization”?
WiQQi uses data processing methods to strengthen individualization and needs-based nursing and care in the field of care and technology.

For WiQQi, "digitization in nursing and care" means supporting the aspects of sustainability and needs-based. Because: Where previously the multitude and variety of (technical) solutions could hardly be mastered, WiQQi would like to bring the required knowledge into the situation with "ready-to-eat" knowledge.

We want us to keep the essential goals in life - especially social participation and movement - within reach. Sometimes there are the big service packages (be it the hotel or the residential care) that stabilize the resource tower. And sometimes it can be tips and tricks.

Through the professional and ethical reflection, as well as criteria-oriented and reasoned decision, we want in the Citizen Science approach:

  • Fulfill needs precisely and sustainably
  • Evaluate solutions across the board and thus generate evidence
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