The culture that is necessary for collaboration in the sense of citizen science is initiated in various projects.​

Spin off

WiQQi BETA is online since May 12, 2020. The development of WiQQi thus emerges from the project framework and is open to further development in the interested public.

Project EXPERTISE 4.0

During the duration of the EXPERTISE 4.0 project, we thought about how WiQQi can best meet the needs of care.

EXPERTISE 4.0 (2019-2021) is funded as part INQA by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs based on a decision by the German Bundestag. It is accompanied by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (baua). The project consortium consists of: BruderhausDiakonie | LebensPhasenHaus der Universität Tübingen | MEMe


  • Further development of WiQQi for professional nurses.
  • Development of the WiQQi database for ready-to-eat knowledge.
  • Exemplary implementation of laboratories and citizen laboratories in the subject area of the exoskeletons.

Project HAMMER 4.0

In the HAMMER 4.0 project, we tested the WiQQi approach in local networks.

Hammer 4.0 (2016-2018) is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg. THe project consortium consists of: Evangelische Heimstiftung | Handwerkskammer Reutlingen | Industrie- und Handelskammer Reutlingen | Kreisseniorenrat Tübingen e.V. | tellur | Universität Tübingen | Zentrum für Telemedizin Bad Kissingen


  • The Harvard concept is implemented as a supporting advisory model and can be used in practice via the WiQQi beer mat.
  • The concepts of "Laboratory" and "Citizens' Laboratory" have been tested in regional and project-related networks (visual signaling, stove guard, smoke detetors, smart door lock).
  • The medium "video" and the platform "YouTube" have been tried and tested as instruments of knowledge transfer („letterbox video„, „360°-tour„).
  • The needs model of the "problem-target-resource constellation" enables volunteer services and structures to be depicted.

ALADIEN and the Stove Guard

In concrete terms, work in WiQQi began with the work order to find a stove switch-off.

The examination of the topic "stove shutdown" provided incentive for the concrete implementation of WiQQi. The WiQQi idea was repeatedly confirmed in local networks. We highlight the milestones of this laying of the cornerstone with the


In everyday care, I found the structuring of the documents according to the logic of quality management to be insufficient. The desire arose to structure the documents in such a way that they are structured according to the logic of the users. Activities that have the character of functional maintenance require a different access to documents or to data input and output than activities that are more oriented towards the care provider. In 2005/2005, the book Homo generosus in particular provided important food for thought and vowels. These were expanded at the academic level during the course of studies - and implemented in practical experience as volunteers in youth work and under the influence of blue lights.

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