public relation

public relation

Overview of public relations in the EXPERTISE 4.0 project

Project profile

Project pofile on Experimentierrä

EXPERTISE 4.0 project poster

The project poster explains the loop for continuous improvement between the individual practice on site and the knowledge gathered together.

  • We preserve the starting point through documentation in film and photo.
  • The (artificial) laboratory is checked and corrected by the (real) Citizens Laboratory.
  • Findings are converted into "ready-to-eat knowledge".
  • The goal is a professionally and ethically reflected, reasoned decision.

WiQQi beer mat

The beer mat takes up the "getting to yes" concept as a method of advice and decision-making.

  • The dialogue at the factual level requires a clarified relationship level.
  • We focus on common interests and use the diversity of perspectives from different points of view.
  • We fan out a wide variety of solution options.
  • We bundle evidence into criteria and thus support the technically and ethically reflected decision.

EXPERTISE 4.0 in dialogue

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