Why does WiQQi use the term "Citizen Science"?

Why does WiQQi use the term 'Citizen Science'?
The term "Citizen Science" was suggested to us after three years of development in conversation about what we do. WiQQi uses the term to methodically locate itself as a project.

Citizen Science has the meaning of lay-science or non-institutional science. All translated terms have meanings because WiQQi primarily addresses professional care. Professional nurses are not laypeople - and are usually affiliated to institutions. And people in need of care and relatives are often experts on their own behalf. That is why we use the original term in WiQQi: Citizen Science.

  • With the term "Citizen Sicence" we want to open up space for misunderstandings and their clarification.
  • We do not want to reduce any misunderstandings that have been spoken to or expressed as well as unresolved.
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