What are the obvious findings WiQQi focuses on?

What are the obvious findings WiQQi focuses on?
Findings are "obvious" when current problem awareness meets extensive experience. The obvious insights are what both parties learn when experienced and less experienced people share new questions.

For WiQQi, the obvious knowledge lies in the problems of the specific individual case. We make use of the fact that acute problem situations are perceived very clearly. We combine this clear perception with the distance that previous experiences can bring. In the dialogue of both parties, acute problems help to bundle and accentuate experiences. Because: the specific individual case confronts experiences with the specific context and the specific feedback of a person concerned. This creates criteria for a needs-based solution. WiQQi thus benefits both the person who is facing an acute problem - and the person who is supported by the feedback in bringing their knowledge to the point. We have found that this interplay also reduces the effect of team restraint (social loafing/Ringelmann effect).

  • Insights are obvious when problem awareness meets experience.
  • WiQQi collaboratively deals with problems and topics that are dealt with alone in many places without WiQQi.

From 2015 to 2019, we had the experience that experience in local networks can also be transferred from case to case. The concentration on the obvious relieves the concentration on the one hand and on the other hand repeatedly leads to synergies. Criteria for night light were developed based on the needs of various cases: A strong diffusion of the light may be desirable in order to avoid contrasts or reflections. These can lead to fears if misinterpreted. In contrast, strong contrasts are preferred in individual cases for orientation lights or light structures that address the balance. However, the night light should never dazzle. The color of the night light can also be reflected in front of various backgrounds: blue light is considered to be activating, green light to promote sleep, and red light is given night vision.

  • In the individual case, obvious insights and experiences support the reasoned and reflected decision in the next individual case.
  • Similar problems help to accentuate experience.

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