How is WiQQi funded?

How is WiQQi funded?
WiQQi is privately financed in development. WiQQi is financed sustainably through synergy effects and reduced error costs.

In development, WiQQi is private and financed through various Projekte. We think of bipartisan models for sustainable financing. We have felt the benefits of synergy effects and reduced error costs so clearly in local networks that we assume that the question of financing will be dealt with very quickly.

Return of Invest

More important than the question of financing is the question of when it is worth sharing knowledge. Basically, the following applies here: WiQQi is worthwhile for people and organizations who generate less than 50% of the relevant knowledge themselves, i.e. do more than 50% research (see Nørretranders 2004)

Financing approaches (also in combination) could be:

  • Basic approaches
    • Memberships: WiQQi is effective on a professional level. WiQQi would like to contribute to the professionally and ethically reflected quality definition and constant quality improvement through needs-based care and micro-advanced training. We assume that a low membership fee (costs are distributed to many (small) partners) are offset by enormous effects in employee recruitment and organizational development. (Foundation model etc.)
    • through the funds for digitization measures in accordance with Section 8 (8) SGB XI (until the end of 2021)
    • ...
  • Approaches related to events
    • Contract work: WiQQi could be financed for the implementation of laboratories. These costs could be borne jointly or by a single client.
    • ...
  • License fees
    • Open knowledge and license fees? Is that possible? Perhaps. WiQQi is initially aimed at use by individuals. If these structures are also optimal for organizations, financing through license fees is not possible/sensible.
    • Manufacturers: Separate access to the WiQQi database for manufacturers opens up the possibility for transparent self-assessment of products by manufacturers. As long as there is no evidence in the field, this can make research easier. If the manufacturers 'self-assessments and the experience in the citizens' laboratory differ, misunderstandings such as Misuse can be reduced. Manufacturers benefit from direct feedback on criteria and the resolution of misunderstandings. Control instrument can be the "video evidence".
    • Documentation software: WiQQi could be linked to the care documentation. This means that the experience of the WiQQi community can be directly incorporated into care planning. Evidence can thus be kept up to date.
    • ...
  • Funded by for carers
    • We definitely want to avoid closing monetary funding through caregivers or interested users, because caregivers and those affected make their contribution through the use of creativity and their personal perspective. We are much more keen that committed nurses can earn extra income through WiQQi.
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