Communication and consulting approach: method of principled negotiation

Communication and consulting approach: method of principled negotiation
WiQQi uses the method of principled negotiation both in advice and in crisis communication. This concept is prepared on the WiQQi beer mat as a guiding instrument and central method for everyday use.

For communication in WiQQi, the method of principled negotiation (→ Wikipedia) has proven itself both in advice and in internal dialogue. We implement the four principles as follows:

Separate people and problems or relationship and factual levels
We strive to separate the factual, substantive, rational level from the relationship and emotion-related, emotional level. The factual problem situation is repeatedly the reason for a dialogue. Before we look at the matter, however, it is important for us to make sure that we have a good level of relationship. It also means not reducing a person to a problem.
See also: Watzlawick; Transactional analysis.

Focus on interests, not positions or viewpoints
The orientation towards common goals and interests supports us in leaving our own point of view. Even the discussion about the common goals and interests can help to develop a new, third point of view:
If you want to achieve a goal, you have to change your point of view - or wait until the goal has reached your own point of view.

Develop alternative options
We have found that options for action can be as confusing as they are helpful: They require us to be clear about what is required. We strive to diversify the variety and variety of options as widely as possible. WiQQi relies on a variety of perspectives: the more perspectives and biographies look at a question, the broader the approaches can be.

Strive for impartial assessment criteria
We strive to think about the evaluation in every solution. It is therefore important to us to know when a goal can be achieved and a problem can be considered solved. We strive for impartiality. Because we want to enter into a dialogue to further develop solutions.

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