What are solutions from the perspective of WiQQi?

What are solutions from the perspective of WiQQi?
Solutions are all things and actions that solve a problem and/or lead to the goal. In development, we initially focus on solutions in the sense of objective technology.

In WiQQi, solutions are all things and actions that can help to solve a problem and / or to achieve a goal.

In the development of WiQQi, we focus on objective technology. We do not hide actions or tips and tricks to solve a problem. However, we want to avoid emotional or social conflict before we know how to deal with it. This can be the case with highly subjective participation when it comes to choosing the right words, the right attitude or the tone of the conversation. Especially when the time for reflection is influenced by the setting or the situation. This makes it easier to talk about a needs-based night light than about having a conversation in a crisis situation.

  • Solutions are researched and collected based on the specific individual case.
  • Documenting solutions in the WiQQi database relieves the burden on several levels:
    • When solving the first individual case, solutions can be included and excluded or prioritized using criteria.
    • Solutions can be added and updated collaboratively.
    • Solutions can be supplemented or updated when processing further, similar individual cases.
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