What is ready-to-eat knowledge?

What is ready-to-eat knowledge?
Ready-to-eat knowledge is prepared for direct practical reference. Central to WiQQi is the linking of the individual case via criteria with solutions that represent general rule knowledge.

The concept of ready-to-eat knowledge takes up the gap between "information" and "action". For this we bundle experience in the form of "criteria". In addition, we list possible courses of action in the form of "solutions" as a result of the research. In combination, WiQQi would like to offer tailored knowledge as a micro-training in a problem situation. We call offering knowledge dynamically exactly when it is necessary, "ready to eat".

  • Sensitize criteria: In the needs analysis, you point out points that could be relevant. Due to the complexity of the care situation, it can happen that important points are unwanted. Criteria help to systematically think about all possibly important points.
  • Criteria guide the decision: In addition to raising awareness, criteria are also effective as a reference. They help to justify the joint decision without directing it in one direction. Based on the reasoned decision, criteria allow systematic evaluation and thus the generation of evidence.

Ready-to-eat knowledge also aims to make it easier to acquire the knowledge and experience required to use new solutions. To this end, we particularly endeavor to use the video medium. We can also use it to map implicit knowledge.

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