Who uses WiQQi?

Who uses WiQQi?

WiQQi benefits everyone who benefits from stronger needs justice.

WiQQi is an idea that was developed out of care. WiQQi aims to make care more needs-based. Ultimately, it is about the professionally and ethically reflected and criteria-based decision in nursing. Everyone benefits from:

  • Persons with needs for care: receive the right solution for your personal context and needs.
  • Nurses & Advisors: Can access evaluated solutions from other nurses via the WiQQi database.
  • Manufacturers and service providers: Can improve or differentiate their product using the selection criteria.
  • WiQQi facilitates the transfer of knowledge between practice and science through the criteria orientation.

WiQQi makes it easier to make a decision that is professionally and ethically reflected and based on criteria. For this purpose, WiQQi bundles the experience of many in the form of criteria. These criteria raise awareness in the decision situation and facilitate the selection in connection with the WiQQi solution database. At the same time, the criteria allow the systematic evaluation of solutions. This is how evidence is generated.

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