Step 3: Precise needs

Step 3: Precise needs

The criteria from WiQQi should raise questions at the first interview.

We are currently experiencing that research also involves extensive detailed questions. These detailed questions arise from the experience that research brings with it. We can anticipate these questions if we involve an experienced person in the initial interview. The more experience we have bundled in WiQQi, the more inquiries we can anticipate from WiQQi.

  • The basic idea in WiQQi is to simplify advice for all parties by asking as many of the classic inquiries as possible during the initial interview.

Practical example of mixed pickles jar: by trying out the first solution, the first detail-questions have been answered.

  • Pliers solutions: We misunderstood the need at first. The pliers solutions made the requirement that the solution work with only one hand.

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