tep 4: testing

tep 4: testing
Affected and interested people evaluate solutions. Together we derive all-party criteria from this rating, which will guide the decision in the next consultation but also in the further research.

While research leads to knowledge through preliminary considerations, physical testing leads to experiences that are connected with further questions. We were able to achieve resounding success with the diversity of perspectives approach. Because different experiences, points of view, actions, but also misunderstandings lead to in-depth knowledge.

  • The basic idea in WiQQi is to gain experience in the laboratory, community laboratory and real laboratory.

Practical example of mixed pickles jar: Testing solutions in different settings led to increased interaction, clarity and goal-oriented knowledge.

  • Pliers solutions: We misunderstood the need at first. The pliers solutions made the requirement that the solution work with only one hand.
  • Base cabinet solution: A base cabinet solution led to the requirement that a tremor should not spill the contents. At the same time, awareness was raised of special needs for shoulders with restricted mobility.
    • At the same time, the functional prototype was developed. We were actually brought over a board with the request to attach the base cabinet solution to the board and to equip this board with a non-slip surface. This impulse for development aroused the memory of the final solution that was found in the follow-up research.
  • Battery: The maintenance effort (but also the volume) of a battery-operated solution led to the requirement of a battery-free solution.
  • Size of the solution: In practical handling, individual solutions were rated as too large for the personal context. In individual cases, however, this criterion was applied in a compromise-friendly manner.
  • Material: The material criterion was raised in the real laboratory. Individuals found it uncomfortable to have another plastic item in the kitchen.
  • Form factor: In the real laboratory, the special need to open oval buckle bottles was converted into the criterion of the form factor.

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