Evidence durch systematische Evaluation

Evidence durch systematische Evaluation
The evaluation in individual cases takes place immediately after the first application and in routine operation. The evaluation is already fully prepared by the laboratory process.

The target formulation can be used to systematically check whether the set goal is achieved in the real laboratory. Based on the reasoned decision, the success of the solution can also be inquired about in detail. The detailed questions are particularly interesting when the goal cannot be achieved. This makes it possible to differentiate whether the wrong approach was chosen, the solution does not fulfill its function, or whether previously neglected effects come into play.

  • Implementation: The evaluation during the first application helps clarify open questions and reduce undesirable effects.
  • Routine: The evaluation in routine operation examines the long-term effect of a solution and avoids falsifications that are given by the new.

Practical example of mixed pickles jar:

  • Has the goal been achieved? - Can both people open the cucumber jar independently?
    • Can the chosen solution be opened with one hand (in this specific case with two instead of four hands?)
    • Can the solution be used despite tremor?

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