Now that WiQQi is at hand - WE can take WiQQi in hand and shape it. Therefore, we ask for constructive criticism and invite you to participate in the development.

We have been developing the culture and technology of WiQQi on a voluntary basis in local networks since 2015 and with a lot of passion. With WiQQi BETA we have managed to make our ideas tangible. We do this so that WiQQi can become OUR ALL project. Now we need support:

  • We need constructive criticism: starting with spelling and typing mistakes right up to substantive discussion points: we grow from feedback. It is important and helpful to us if the feedback is constructive. A list of dissatisfactions also helps us - but if we don't know which direction to improve, it becomes a tough process of trial and error.
  • Co-development: The core of WiQQi is the "ready-to-eat knowledge", which is reflected in the criteria. For the further development of WiQQi, we are primarily looking for people who can and want to think beyond what we currently offer. We want to spin a common idea and vision from WiQQi - and implement it.

How do I give feedback on WiQQi?

We offer a variety of contact options - and learn from your ideas together.

We look forward to any constructive feedback. We offer various channels to keep the barriers as low as possible:

  • Public communication: Use the comment function of the WiQQi website or other social media channels if you want to share something with WiQQi and everyone who uses WiQQi.
  • Personal communication: Use the personal adresses, to start confidential communication with us.
  • IN PLANNING: With the beta version of WiQQi we are approaching the format for "ready-to-eat knowledge". We first grant write access after an interview and clarified common interest.
  • YOUR IDEAS: Have we forgotten an important communication channel for you? Let us know!.

We develop WiQQi together. In the grassroot approach. To put it in Derek Sivers' words:
"The first person to join WiQQi takes the first leadership role and turns WiQQi from a crazy or idea to an idea whose time has come."

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