In the near future we will focus in WiQQi on the development of the criteria and the manageability of the tables.

What will happen in 2020?

In 2020, we want to solve 20 cases together and, based on this, reflect on and further develop WiQQi.

The year 2020 is the year of the nurses and the midwife. With this in mind, we want to design WiQQi

  • WiQQi BETA is online since May 12th, 2020.
  • We conduct cooperation talks with organizations that are active in domesticated consulting in order to win them as critical friends.
  • We hold talks with manufacturers to create interfaces that make research easier for us.
  • We hold talks with project partners to ensure the sustainable, independent financing and thus the impartiality of WiQQi.
  • We solve 20 individual cases together - and invite you to share problems with us.

Participate 2020

We attach great importance to making participation fun and not overwhelming anyone.

We are looking for committed people who are interested in helping to shape WiQQi. It is important to us that we have fun together and that nobody is overwhelmed. That is why we always start our cooperation on a small scale and go on in small and humble steps if it is coherent for everyone.

  • Constructive criticism: We welcome constructive questions, criticism and suggestions.
  • Co-development: The collaboration begins with an interview. We are happy to do this by written, telephone or video conference.
  • Individual cases: You can also help us by submitting a case that we will solve together.
  • Contribute experience: You can support with their experience by contributing solutions for WiQQi.
  • Creativity: And of course creativity also helps us. If you discover a common interest in the Citizen Science approach, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Feel free to contact us!

How do I give feedback on WiQQi?

We offer a variety of contact options - and learn from your ideas together.

We look forward to any constructive feedback. We offer various channels to keep the barriers as low as possible:

  • Public communication: Use the comment function of the WiQQi website or other social media channels if you want to share something with WiQQi and everyone who uses WiQQi.
  • Personal communication: Use the personal adresses, to start confidential communication with us.
  • IN PLANNING: With the beta version of WiQQi we are approaching the format for "ready-to-eat knowledge". We first grant write access after an interview and clarified common interest.
  • YOUR IDEAS: Have we forgotten an important communication channel for you? Let us know!.

I have no time and much to do - what can I do for WiQQi?

Use WiQQi to relieve yourself - on this basis you can give us feedback.

WiQQi is a citizen science project in nursing. We develop WiQQi together. We know that people like to get involved when they know they can control the amount of time or the tasks they choose. In WiQQi, both the amount of time and the field of your engagement are in your hands. We ourselves attach great importance to trying out small steps, developing trust and, in the case of mutual interest, to steady working together. Under these conditions we have the experience we are brave and say: WiQQi brings you an immediate benefit and an immediate relief, even if you cannot benefit from the effect of the collaboration.

You can support and help shape the "WiQQi" idea in various places:

  • Delegate problems: Our capacity in WiQQi is limited - but you can already support us by giving us problems that we can solve.
  • Share your perspective with WiQQi! WiQQi wants to deliver "ready-to-eat knowledge". Help us with your feedback: what is good and should we keep it? What should be changed from your perspective?
    • Practice criticism: do not be afraid to inform us of any errors or discrepancies. We don't have to look for every mistake you find. With every error/mistake that we rectify together, we protect everyone who uses WiQQi.
    • Make suggestions: Please make suggestions on how we can make good things better or correct mistakes or weaknesses.
  • Share your experience with WiQQi. WiQQi would like to bundle practical experience. Which solutions are helpful in your practice? Which criteria are you still missing on WiQQi?
  • Share your commitment with WiQQi. We look forward to your view of WiQQi. Become part of the development project and help shape WiQQi.
  • Strengthen (y)our back: Making mistakes or failing are part of the daily routine of innovation. Subscribe to WiQQi on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. This enables us to make transparent how many people we can reach.
  • Citizens Laboratory: Complete solutions and criteria in the Citizens Laboratory. Get in touch with us if you would like to participate in the community laboratory.
  • Share your knowledge: WiQQi is initially an idea and an attitude. Share your knowledge in everyday life ...

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